An alternative to the daily commute

The past couple of months have seen quite a change in my daily work routines. Here in the Bay Area, my normal ~13-mile daily commute to the office which typically would take almost an hour (each way) was quickly replaced with an 11-stair commute to my home office. This simple change gave me back about 2 hours a day to accomplish something other than listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or talk radio in my car. What to do?

Right off the bat, part of the freed up time went directly to work on better fitness. Along with many other stay-at-home workers, I found it possible to add a little regular daily exercise routine and work out at or around the home. If you haven’t tried this yet, just try to find some fitness gear online these days – mostly gone and hopefully going to good use.

I decided the other half of my “extra” time would go into taking some online training. I really wanted to extend my knowledge on things I used on a day to day basis for my career. There is a tremendous amount of reasonably priced (some free) content available – the challenge for most I would guess is picking a topic. I chose “cloud” and for starters a focus on AWS.

So after watching some training videos, reading some white papers, and working through a couple of practice exams I was able to achieve:

More on this adventure to follow here.

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