New storage options for Oracle DBAs

Combine virtualization, database clustering, and Datrium DVX.

With DVX you can now run Oracle RAC (Real Application Clustering) solutions on VMware vSphere virtualization on the Datrium DVX private cloud platform.

This combination takes advantage of the real time resiliency built into Oracle RAC configurations, the improved management flexibility of virtualizing the underlying servers and the performance and protection provided by the converged storage system from Datrium.

Running the Oracle database in a virtual machine benefits from the flexibility and mobility provided by virtualizing the server hardware for easier management and administration. Clustering those VMs across the physical virtualization hosts provides even greater resiliency and uptime for the application against hardware issues.

The Datrium DVX system provides the IO performance to the database(s) with local host flash storage for reduced latencies and overall better performance. At the same time, DVX enables a better protected flash-based data environment with:

  • built in erasure coding
  • data reduction – compression and deduplication
  • end-to-end encryption
  • snapshot and replication capabilities extending beyond the private cloud data center to the public (AWS) cloud

Datrium joined up with House of Brick consultants to review, test, and document the basics around a supported 4 node Oracle RAC solution on DVX. The details can be found in this technical report.

For more information about running your virtualized Oracle databases (clustered or not) on Datrium DVX please visit the Oracle Solutions area of the Datrium website.

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